Beautiful Colors!

I have been having Eiffel 65’s song “blue da ba di da ba die” running through my head as of late. I am surrounded by blue designs! It is fabulous!

The new “craze” started a couple weeks ago when my blue roses arrived,  and I started to dye them the shade that I needed with not much hope for the end result … Lets rewind a bit to the beginning of my relationship with dyeing products… plain and simple, it has not been a very healthy one. It has included a lot of obsession, sleepless nights, and a few “french” words to escape my mouth. I have come to the conclusion that cabochons are out to get me, dye is evil, and they are both working together to try to put me through the most misery that is possible. But don’t worry, the relationship is not completely doomed! Lets just say things changed a bit for the better when I discovered the most wonderful invention EVER! “Drum roll please” … I introduce… Leather dye! Yes, I know, I am not dying leather, but I could care less what it was made for as long as it works! Let me tell you, I have had more successful dye days then not with this new dye. And those beautiful blue roses where the ginny pigs. When I removed them from their dye bath and rinsed them, and saw that they where the color that I wanted, I rejoiced from within! I wanted to sing my praises from the roof top of the tallest building!! “I HAVE DEFEATED THE DYE! I AM CHAMPION!” Yes… I get this excited over little plastic flowers, what’s the problem?



See?? They are so pretty 😀

Not only are they a beautiful color, but the roses themselves are very intricate! I could not be happier with how they have turned out.

I went into design mode right away. I wanted to use my new pretty flowers!




Sweet Temptation – Necklace and Earrings

A design was born! And Yes, it is available in my shop :-)
I plan on having hair sticks as well… but that is for another day.