Porcelain Dolls Photo Shoot

Porcelain Dolls came to life for this photoshoot! The two lovely models, Kendra, and Caitlin are to thank for these fantastic pictures!

Lolita doll
Kendra Snow & Caitlin Ayashe – Porcelain Dolls

Kendra Snow – Facebook
Caitlin Ayashe – Facebook


Precious Lolita Choker and Earrings
Kendra Snow – Wearing – Precious Lolita Choker and Earrings

Precious Lolita necklace set. Not yet posted, keep an eye out for it!

Precious Lolita Choker and Earrings
Kendra Snow – Wearing – Precious Lolita Choker and Earrings
Precious Lolita Choker and Earrings
Kendra Snow – Wearing – Precious Lolita Choker and Earrings


La Rose Gothique Necklace
Caitlin Ayashe – Wearing – La Rose Gothique Necklace and Earrings
La Rose Gothique Earrings
Caitlin Ayashe – Wearing – La Rose Gothique Necklace and Earrings

La Rose Gothique available in my shop – Necklace and Earrings


They portrayed porcelain dolls quite well.

Medieval Photo Shoot

It has been my goal to put together full jewelry looks, this here is the first of many to come!

It was a beautiful day for taking pictures!

Clothing Designed and made by Auralynne



Lace Shrug: La Rose Gothique Bell Sleeve Shrug in black
Lace Underskirt: La Rose Gothique Mermaid Skirt in black


Circlet/Headdress: Medieval Huntress in Emerald Green
Necklace: Mother of Dragons in Emerald Green
Earrings: Mother of Dragons in Emerald Green

6210full 6215full 6216full 6218full 6220full 6221full 6231full 6411full

6233full 6255full 6269full 6294full




Beautiful Colors!

I have been having Eiffel 65’s song “blue da ba di da ba die” running through my head as of late. I am surrounded by blue designs! It is fabulous!

The new “craze” started a couple weeks ago when my blue roses arrived,  and I started to dye them the shade that I needed with not much hope for the end result … Lets rewind a bit to the beginning of my relationship with dyeing products… plain and simple, it has not been a very healthy one. It has included a lot of obsession, sleepless nights, and a few “french” words to escape my mouth. I have come to the conclusion that cabochons are out to get me, dye is evil, and they are both working together to try to put me through the most misery that is possible. But don’t worry, the relationship is not completely doomed! Lets just say things changed a bit for the better when I discovered the most wonderful invention EVER! “Drum roll please” … I introduce… Leather dye! Yes, I know, I am not dying leather, but I could care less what it was made for as long as it works! Let me tell you, I have had more successful dye days then not with this new dye. And those beautiful blue roses where the ginny pigs. When I removed them from their dye bath and rinsed them, and saw that they where the color that I wanted, I rejoiced from within! I wanted to sing my praises from the roof top of the tallest building!! “I HAVE DEFEATED THE DYE! I AM CHAMPION!” Yes… I get this excited over little plastic flowers, what’s the problem?



See?? They are so pretty 😀

Not only are they a beautiful color, but the roses themselves are very intricate! I could not be happier with how they have turned out.

I went into design mode right away. I wanted to use my new pretty flowers!




Sweet Temptation – Necklace and Earrings

A design was born! And Yes, it is available in my shop :-)
I plan on having hair sticks as well… but that is for another day.

Hello Spring!

For New England, spring is finally here! Winter was hanging on for dear life and simply didn’t want to let go, but the warmer weather is pushing though, and the promise of the returning sun is finally upon us. The daylight lasts longer, and “sunny” is actually “sunny”!

No more taking product pictures in the snow, in 20 degree weather. (Yay!!) When it takes me 10 min just to put on all the clothes that I need to stay warm, its a little ridiculous! Oh, and you cant forget about shoveling a path to the table to set up everything. Who wants to move to Hawaii?

I also do not need to take pictures inside anymore!


… No, I do not enjoy freezing my nose off, and kneeling in snow as I attempt to take pictures.


I fit in the middle of that… some how… A bit of twisting, and balancing was involved. The pictures turned out okay, it definitely was better than freezing to death, but still couldn’t wait for spring.

And now? It is finally here! Technically, spring comes March 21st every year. Tell that to New England that often gets confused and starts snowing in the beginning of April. Go home snow, no one wants you!

Now the snow is all be hind us, (knock on wood!) and only warmer weather is ahead!

In fact, I found this in my back yard!


Yes, they may be weeds, but they are still flowers, pretty, and something I haven’t scene for too long! And the grass was mowed only 2 days ago. I guess the saying “growing like a weed” isn’t made up.

Now that the warmth has begun I am thrilled I can take pictures of all the new items I have made over the winter! Stay tuned for new designs very soon! :-)


A New Adventure

I can never seem to sit still, which is good when I am the only one who is running the show. I have been searching my mind, digging into my creative side to come up with new different things to offer all of you! And I found it,  body jewelry!  I will be designing pieces that can be worn on the shoulders, legs, arms, feet, and hands.  For now, the focus is more on head adornments.

I have a couple simple ones already available in my shop. Meant for those who are looking for that little bit of extra something!


Fae Dreams In Olive Green


Fae Dreams circlet, currently available in absinthe and dusty pink, and I am able to make this in many many different colors!

Elven Enchantment Circlet hunter green

Elven Enchantment, this has matching earrings and necklace for a total enchanted look! Don’t be afraid, go all out!

And now for the design not quite finished, and still in the making! I spent a couple days designing and creating my first headdress. This piece speaks to my soul! I have always loved renaissance inspired things. The architecture is amazing, the clothing is beautiful, and you can’t forget the exquisite art and fascinating inventions from the magnificent minds that created them!
I hope you enjoy the few photos I have attached bellow.

It is definitely not finished, but here is a sneak peek for you guys to show you how it is coming along! It it has been very fun to create, and I am dying to finish it! I can see the final result in my head, and I am excited for when I will be able to show all of you too!

DSC_0455 DSC_0454 DSC_0449 2


A couple things were noted while making this. First: I need a lot of space to lay this piece so I can put everything together. The only place that seemed to have it was the floor, so there I was sitting on the floor with my rotary mat for measuring, all my little jewelry pieces, and my tools. Second: A head shaped thing of some sort to place it on as I am piecing it together would have been quite helpful. The mannequin in the pictures was of no help as I did not acquire it until after it was mostly assembled, but at least for future headdresses and circlets it will be there to help a little.



I will update everyone when it is more complete. Stay tuned!

Last Avery Photo-shoot of 2014

Typically the last month that we (My sister, Auralynne, and I) take pictures out doors is september/october, because after that, it just get WAY too cold. However; we where feeling very ambitions, and in November, we saw a warm day coming up! It was going to get into the mid 50s! … Yay!! Lets break out the bikinis, get a picnic basket together, and head to the beach!! Okay, okay, no, we didn’t get out the bikinis, and there was no picnic, but we did head to the beach! Have you ever worn satin/taffeta in cold windiness? If your answer is a yes, then you can begin to understand how “warm, and comfortable” we felt, if your answer is no, then let me help you out with a visual. Imagine wearing clothing that was stored in the freezer,  and between the clothing and your skin are many many tiny air conditioners turned up to 40 degrees. Yes, very cold! Yay for “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”!!

On the very bright side, we got some fantastic pictures of new designs!! Had a blast (as we always do), and not much editing needed to remove the goosebumps :-D.

Jewelry Designer: Vixen’s Delight
Clothing and Hat Designer: Auralynne

Another bright note, Auralynne had just designed two new cloaks for us to wear! It did help keep us a little warmer.

Auralynne Costumes
Cold at Avery Point


We took as many pictures with the cloaks on, but it got to the point, that they where no longer able to be in the pictures. I had to show off my new necklace and earrings set, Fae Garden, perfect for brides! Also great for the summer months when you break out more of your white wardrobe.

white and iridescent butterfly jewelry
Butterfly wedding jewelry – by Vixen’s Delight
Fantasy wedding jewelry
Wedding butterfly necklace and earrings set – by Vixen’s Delight

I had to have matching hairsticks as well! The black and white combination, I have always thought was quit striking!

Black rose hairsticks white bead
Bella rosa hairsticks with black rose and white bead – by Vixen’s Delight
bone hair sticks black rose white bead
Bella rosa hairsticks with black rose and white bead – by Vixen’s Delight

Auralynne was wearing one of my original designs that has not been part of a photo-shoot before. Fallen has nearly every thing you would want! Hair sticks, earrings, and a necklace! Making this look a complete ensemble.

Fallen angel gothic wing necklace and earrings
Fallen in black and antique silver – by Vixen’s Delight
angel wing hair sticks and earrings
Fallen in black and antique silver – by Vixen’s Delight
gothic angel wing hair sticks metal
Fallen hair sticks in black and antique silver – by Vixen’s Delight
gothic angel wing earrings and hair sticks
Fallen in black and antique silver – by Vixen’s Delight


Have you ever opened something that you purchased and found a surprise? Found something included in with your order? It almost feels like Christmas when that happens!

Over the past couple days I have been designing some necklace and earring sets with pretty white flowers (you should be seeing those soon!). I got a wonderful idea for a bracelet to go with it (who doesn’t love an ENTIRE matching set??), but of course, what do I need? A white flower that is larger than what is used in the set. Do I have it? Of course not. I have about 5 different styles of white flowers, but none of them is what is required. When low and behold I looked down at the drawer full of cute little roses, and there sitting amongst them was exactly what I needed. It was like I conjured the flower out of thin air! If only I could do the “conjuring” on demand… In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the photos that I have of the bracelet bellow!


  Here are the flowers in question. To the right is what was expected, and the left was the pleasant surprise!



 Here is the magnificent creation! And currently one of a kind :-)

IMG_1723 IMG_1721


I will be posting it in my shop soon, so keep an eye out!

Stay tuned to more pretties!


My website is born!

I have succeeded! The webpage has been long in the making, and even longer on the todo list. But I strapped down, buried my nose in my computer for multiple hours, and “TaDa!” A wonderful website is born! I do thank my sister Kristi (Auralynne) For assisting me the entire way.  I confess it would have been a feat to even attempt to complete all the crazy coding and other confusing things that goes into making a website by myself.  Stay tuned for lots of pretty pictures! I plan to post pictures from photo shoots, new designs, and ideas in the making.