Hello Spring!

For New England, spring is finally here! Winter was hanging on for dear life and simply didn’t want to let go, but the warmer weather is pushing though, and the promise of the returning sun is finally upon us. The daylight lasts longer, and “sunny” is actually “sunny”!

No more taking product pictures in the snow, in 20 degree weather. (Yay!!) When it takes me 10 min just to put on all the clothes that I need to stay warm, its a little ridiculous! Oh, and you cant forget about shoveling a path to the table to set up everything. Who wants to move to Hawaii?

I also do not need to take pictures inside anymore!


… No, I do not enjoy freezing my nose off, and kneeling in snow as I attempt to take pictures.


I fit in the middle of that… some how… A bit of twisting, and balancing was involved. The pictures turned out okay, it definitely was better than freezing to death, but still couldn’t wait for spring.

And now? It is finally here! Technically, spring comes March 21st every year. Tell that to New England that often gets confused and starts snowing in the beginning of April. Go home snow, no one wants you!

Now the snow is all be hind us, (knock on wood!) and only warmer weather is ahead!

In fact, I found this in my back yard!


Yes, they may be weeds, but they are still flowers, pretty, and something I haven’t scene for too long! And the grass was mowed only 2 days ago. I guess the saying “growing like a weed” isn’t made up.

Now that the warmth has begun I am thrilled I can take pictures of all the new items I have made over the winter! Stay tuned for new designs very soon! :-)



Have you ever opened something that you purchased and found a surprise? Found something included in with your order? It almost feels like Christmas when that happens!

Over the past couple days I have been designing some necklace and earring sets with pretty white flowers (you should be seeing those soon!). I got a wonderful idea for a bracelet to go with it (who doesn’t love an ENTIRE matching set??), but of course, what do I need? A white flower that is larger than what is used in the set. Do I have it? Of course not. I have about 5 different styles of white flowers, but none of them is what is required. When low and behold I looked down at the drawer full of cute little roses, and there sitting amongst them was exactly what I needed. It was like I conjured the flower out of thin air! If only I could do the “conjuring” on demand… In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the photos that I have of the bracelet bellow!


  Here are the flowers in question. To the right is what was expected, and the left was the pleasant surprise!



 Here is the magnificent creation! And currently one of a kind :-)

IMG_1723 IMG_1721


I will be posting it in my shop soon, so keep an eye out!

Stay tuned to more pretties!


My website is born!

I have succeeded! The webpage has been long in the making, and even longer on the todo list. But I strapped down, buried my nose in my computer for multiple hours, and “TaDa!” A wonderful website is born! I do thank my sister Kristi (Auralynne) For assisting me the entire way.  I confess it would have been a feat to even attempt to complete all the crazy coding and other confusing things that goes into making a website by myself.  Stay tuned for lots of pretty pictures! I plan to post pictures from photo shoots, new designs, and ideas in the making.