A New Adventure

I can never seem to sit still, which is good when I am the only one who is running the show. I have been searching my mind, digging into my creative side to come up with new different things to offer all of you! And I found it,  body jewelry!  I will be designing pieces that can be worn on the shoulders, legs, arms, feet, and hands.  For now, the focus is more on head adornments.

I have a couple simple ones already available in my shop. Meant for those who are looking for that little bit of extra something!


Fae Dreams In Olive Green


Fae Dreams circlet, currently available in absinthe and dusty pink, and I am able to make this in many many different colors!

Elven Enchantment Circlet hunter green

Elven Enchantment, this has matching earrings and necklace for a total enchanted look! Don’t be afraid, go all out!

And now for the design not quite finished, and still in the making! I spent a couple days designing and creating my first headdress. This piece speaks to my soul! I have always loved renaissance inspired things. The architecture is amazing, the clothing is beautiful, and you can’t forget the exquisite art and fascinating inventions from the magnificent minds that created them!
I hope you enjoy the few photos I have attached bellow.

It is definitely not finished, but here is a sneak peek for you guys to show you how it is coming along! It it has been very fun to create, and I am dying to finish it! I can see the final result in my head, and I am excited for when I will be able to show all of you too!

DSC_0455 DSC_0454 DSC_0449 2


A couple things were noted while making this. First: I need a lot of space to lay this piece so I can put everything together. The only place that seemed to have it was the floor, so there I was sitting on the floor with my rotary mat for measuring, all my little jewelry pieces, and my tools. Second: A head shaped thing of some sort to place it on as I am piecing it together would have been quite helpful. The mannequin in the pictures was of no help as I did not acquire it until after it was mostly assembled, but at least for future headdresses and circlets it will be there to help a little.



I will update everyone when it is more complete. Stay tuned!